photograph of Sasha Nitze with Cinemaui Studio

In addition to being the founder of Cinemaui Studio, I enjoy surfing, diving, and trips to the east side of the island to visit my family.  Growing up on Maui, I have cherished the island’s offerings by capturing and exploring our diverse landscape everyday.
Cinematography provides me with a creative medium in which to connect with the two things I love most, people and art.  My top priority when filming your wedding is to have you feel beautiful and comfortable on your big day, and to visually tell your story through those beautiful moments. I find that developing a relationship with the couples that I work with, immersing myself into their wedding day, and capturing what makes them different is what makes a video an artistic piece. Filming weddings has allowed me to build relationships with some of the most amazing people I have ever met, as well as push myself further and further creatively. Every client I work with has there own beautiful innate personality and that is what I love capturing!

Now I’ve shared a little bit about myself, and would love to have the chance to meet with you for a coconut or coffee!


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